Taijiquan was created for the same reason that all other martial arts were formed and that is for combat. Yes, Tai Chi has a down and dirty side and this is it's original purpose. The Tai Chi we see practiced in the health clubs, spas and in the parks today are a recent creation. Real, traditional Tai Chi is nothing less and nothing more than a fighting art. Like any fighting art, it is a system of combative physical skills, principles and strategies. Any other claims made for the art are embellishments, fantasy and deception.

The original name of the art, "Tai Chi Chuan" ("Taijiquan" in modern Pinyin or T'ai Chi Ch'uan in the older Wade-Giles spelling) clearly places the word "Chuan" (meaning fighting style) as the noun, with the term "Tai Chi" being the adjective - the phrase describing the most prominent characteristics of said fighting style. In much the same way, the phrase "red car" describes a car that happens to be red. Everyone knows what the object is - you couldn't drive around in a "red" and in much the same way, a person cannot simply do "Tai Chi".

Isn't it time to take your martial arts to the next level? Whether you are a Tai Chi player looking to advance his art, a practitioner of another style looking to broaden your knowledge or a novice looking to find the right martial art for you, Spirit Wind Taijiquan Academy in Lincoln has something for everyone.

Chang Sen Feng, progenerator of Tai Chi Chuan


Chinese philosophy and culture have produced many of humankind's greatest triumphs. One of their greatest products is the art of Tai-Chi Chuan.
Tai-Chi Chuan is an ordered system of fluid, blended movements designed to be practiced daily in order for the practitioner to receive the benefits of optimal health and peace of mind.
Tai-Chi Chuan provides an excellent, full-body workout which will leave the practitioner feeling physically refreshed while reducing stress response.
At the center of Tai-Chi Chuan is the idea that coordinating the mind, body and spirit is central to human functioning. The movements practiced are performed slow and fluidly (as opposed to fast and crisp as in other martial arts) in order to enhance concentration and energy while teaching breath control and patience.
The control of breath provides one of the greatest benefits of Tai-Chi Chuan. The breath training helps to regulate the circulation of oxygen in the blood. Providing one's body with adequate amounts of oxygen and blood flow prevents a person from appearing old by reducing free radicals.
Also, by directing the body's own energy (chi) in a fashion to nourish one's internal organs, this can slow down the aging process which will help with longevity!  When Lu Sho Ting had a heart- attack at the age of 60, he began to practice Tai-Chi Chuan. In three years he was out of danger and had a much more vigorous body and lifestyle. Today, at the age of 80 he still practices daily and teaches students. Tai-Chi Chuan provides many other benefits as well:
It requires no equipment or special training area.
It can be practiced during any season.
Anyone, regardless of age or health, can practice Tai-Chi Chuan.
It is an incredibly effective form of self defense
The relaxed gentle movements prevent the body from being tense or awkward.
Tai-Chi Chuan keeps the body erect and well postured.
Immeasurable benefits to health.
Relaxes the mind.
If you are interested in learning more about the art of Tai-Chi Chuan, we invite you to call or come by the center in Lincoln.