Hsing I Chuan (Form-Mind Boxing) is another major internal Chinese martial art, based on traditionalChinese five element theory of creation and the movements of twelve animals. Hsing I (Xing Yi) is popular as a military and police training method as well as a practice for longevity cultivation that creates inner peace. Hsing I Chuan utilizes a full range of body motion in its strikes. Grappling, throws, trapping and joint locking techniques create a highly adaptable, powerful style of self defense.

Wu Xing Quan- Five Element Fist


1. Pi Quan-Spliting Fist

2.Tsuan Quan-Drilling Fist

3. Peng Quan-Crushing Fist

4.Pao Quan-Exploding Fist

5.Heng Quan-Crossing Fist

Hsing I Chuan Five Elements






Hsing I Chuan Twelve Animals

Dragon, Bear, Horse, Tiger, Monkey, Tortoise, Snake,

Rooster, Eagle, Hawk, Dove, and Swallow