Lead Instructor

Laoshi Otto Altobelli

Owner and Head Teacher

Lao Shi Otto Altobelli's study of Eastern healing and martial arts spans more than four decades. As a youngster growing up in the shadow of New York City, he became involved in a Golden Gloves program for youth being offered at a small, run down, inner city gym in Jersey City, New Jersey. At21, he met Shihan Richard Bowe, who had just moved back to the New York City area after living in Japan foryears. The two connected right from the start, and began a serious practice in the art of Nihon Goshin Aikido. For six years Otto continued to study Aikido under Shihan Bowes careful tutelage, as well as traditional Chinese herbology under Master Yuan Wang. After completing his training with Master Bowe, Otto relocated to San Diego, CA. and opened his first Aikido school in 1978. It was in southern California where he was introduced to a variety oftraditional Chinese martial arts.
  After a few years of exploration, he realized that internal martial arts training was his forte and began studying various forms of Taijiquan (commonly spelled Tai Chi Chuan), Hsing I (say 'shing-yee') and Qigong (say 'chee-gung'). As his passion grew, he fervently studied these arts, continually searching for the finest masters on both coasts with whom to study. You'll find their names listed within this site under the lineage section. 


In 1992, Otto began formal education in naturopathy, neuromuscular medical massage therapy and Seitai shiatsu. Upon receiving his degrees and certifications, he ran successful holistic health clinics on both east and west coasts. Although he has taught formany years, Otto continues his intensive one-on-one martial studies weekly with his teacher, Lao Shi Cornell Garrett, as well as his distant studies in advanced Qigong with Dr. Alex Feng and Masters, Shifu Jiang Jian-ye and Zhong Xue Chao, the latter of the famous Wudang Taoist Temple in China.  
 Laoshi Otto alsotravels a few times per year for long weekend martial retreats focusing on advanced Taiji push hands, applications, and weapons training. In 2011, he was most gratefully accepted to train in northern California with Master Yang Jwing Ming at the Master's retreat center for a two-week intensive martial arts clinic. Laoshi Otto is also an ordained Zen Buddhist Fashi (Dharma Teacher). The Dharma name bestowed upon him is Yin Dan.

Cornell T Garrett has over 26 years of experience and training in the Chinese Health, Martial, and Meditative Traditions. Not only is he the Chief Instructor at Dragon Arts Kung Fu/MMA and Natural Health, but he is also the founder of Mountain Way. His training started in the Yi Li Juan Kung-Fu system with Phillip Starr (former President of the A.A.U. Chinese Martial Arts Division) in 1989, which he held a 3rd Grade Black Sash. Since his training began he has also learned from Shir Fu Rich Mooney (Powerful Empty Force Martial and Healing Qigong), Shir Fu Yang Guo Tai and Dennis Mace (Cheng Shi Bagua Zhang), Shir Fu Thomas Staples and Alan Ludmer (Yang Shou Hu and Chen Ssu Tai Ji Quan), and Roger Wicke, PhD. of the Rocky Mountain Herbal Institute (Traditional Chinese Health Sciences and Preventative Nutrition).

  During Mr. Garrett's' training, he has been very dedicated to the path, often training for 8-10 hrs per day. Although he states that it is not necessary to invest that much time in training to gain the benefits of Mountain Way, he says "my appetite for the path and self development is very large"!


Lao Shi Cornell T Garrett

Mr. Garrett's journey in the arts lead him to formulate Mountain Way because, when he needed support the most, it came from following the path. The path strengthened him, counseled him, and soothed him, while only asked for one thing in return, DEDICATION. As he saw so many people suffering throughout the years, he realized a great many people could benefit in the same way he did if the training was made available. That began a journey of research and development that lead to the creation of Mountain Way. He realized that most people will not be able to invest as much time into training as he did, so, he distilled what he learned down to its most essential state, thus allowing the average person to gain much of the same benefits that he did but, in a more expeditious manner.

   Lao Shi Garrett is a multiple national champion and a US All-American in competition. He says that he really enjoyed those days of traveling and competing, but, has put those days behind him to help serve  society by teaching the Mountain Way System. 

   Lao Shi Garrett has presented Mountain Way as far as Tochigi-Ken Japan, and has had students travel all the way to China to win honors there as well. Mr. Garrett, Mountain Way Instructors, and student practitioners, continue to work tirelessly to spread these most valuable teachings to those that are ready for a journey of a lifetime.

Glenn Martin
Associate Instructor

Shi-xiong Glenn Martin has been seriously studying the internal martial arts under Laoshi Otto Altobelli since 2009. Glenn was awarded an Associate teaching certification in December 2011. Glenn has shown to be an exceptionally dedicated practitioner and instructor of our students. Glenns's interest in the martial arts never took shape until he began to study taijiquan. He quickly noticed his improved balance, strength and the stress reduction manifested by these arts. Glenn says " it is a real reward helping someone improve their own practice and witness the great transformation in confidence and ability." As Glenn improves in his own cultivating practice, he is learning that it brings about a calm clarity that lasts beyond the time spent actually performing the arts. Glenn is an avid motorcyclist and photographer- part time instructor at SCC- has earned a BA in journalism, and is the UNL east campus utility plant supervisor. Glenn is also a US Navy veteran and a very appreciated, vital cog in our centers wheel. We are all very  proud to share this practice with Glenn and of his continued commitment to the true traditions of these arts. 


Kirk Kuenzi
Associate Instructor

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